NTNU - The Adaptable Campus

Master in Architecture Diploma Project

This project aims at developing the existing NTNU campus at Gløshaugen in order to house the faculties and facilities at Dragvoll, and other NTNU facilities around the city, into one central city campus. The focal point of this concept is to develop and enhance NTNU by taking advantage of the potential spaces on Gløshaugen as well as seeing the possibility of redeveloping the existing building mass on campus. 

The goal is to densify and upgrade the campus in order to establish a better connected campus. There is also little contact between the campus and the rest of the city today. Even though Gløshaugen is today a vital part of the city image, it is in no way integrated with the city in addition to lacking uban everyday services. By densifying Gløshaugen we can also invite mixed activities with various programs not only in teaching spaces, but spaces for social interaction, student housing, commercial options, etc in order to strengthen the feeling of the 24/7 campus. In short: Everything one needs for studying and working.


Urban Plan


Facades & Sections