The course AAR4825, Building Documentation and condition analysis was conducted this year on Nerøra in Orkanger, approximately 45 km southwest of Trondheim. Through a two week field training, various lecture series and report writing, participants would gain insight into the fundamentals of heritage theory, archives and how to use them, using simple surveying techniques and how to survey the condition of a property. 

Our group is composed of three master students from the architecture programme and two master students from the Cultural heritage programme at NTNU. We were asigned to Orkangerveien 27 south of Nerøra as our property to form our case study. The house was built in 1861 and served originally as the residence of Nils Angrimsen Sæterbak. Later the first floor was used as commercial space, mainly for the sports retailer A. Todal. The second floor has remained residential. The house has gone through several changes and phases, something we have tried to illustrate in this report. The house is in good condition, which is reflected in the report. 

By surveying, drawing and describing the house on the site we see the building itself as a historical document and seek to see the building in context both on its own and as part of an environment