elephant & castle entertainment district


While in its Heyday the Elephant and castle area was a busy hub of entertainment opportunities accommodating great theaters and other venues. However, with the current
regeneration project many of these venues are now at risk of being shut down. (i.e. the Ministry of Sound).

My proposal aims at creating a new vertical entertainment district.  The proposal draws inspiration firstly from areas such as Soho square which accommodates not only green space but a magnitude of entertainment options both at day and night time. However, due to the density issues with large modern cities and the lack of horizontal space he new entertainment will take the form of a vertical street questioning the traditional model of a repetitive floor plan and suggesting a more public and dynamic experience of moving through tall buildings that more closely mirrors the rich texture of the public realm. Most importantly, this new typology would have the capacity to maximize green space and solve infrastructural issues while creating an efficient, accessible circulation system for public transit.

The brief consists of a multistory tower, market and performance space. The tower houses a cinema, live performance venue, restaurant, bars, winter garden and nightclub. The proposal aims to provide a viable use for the site generating a variety of high quality entertainment opportunities which would contribute to the economic objectives of the borough. The vision for the area, in accordance with the Southwark Plan, is to create a distinctive entertainment quarter, part of a thriving and sustainable town center, that supports a range of university related and other businesses, including recreation, entertainment and cultural uses, and also accommodates a variety of residents and local facilities and services.