Hessdalen Workshop - UFO Observation shelter




The Site

The old gravel pit has as of now been levelled, processed and drained. This provides a very good basis for further development. The space is processed in such a way that the height differences are mainly separated into terraces, see image below. This provides different spaces within the site, whilst providing some form of shelter for the individual spaces.

In the proposed plan, parking and universally designed WC are placed closest to Øyungsvegen. The activity area is centrally located, while a designated tent/ camping site is located below the edge of the area. This allows for a tent site with the feeling of a "private sphere." From permanent shelters, picnic tables and the tent sites there will be great views northwest towards Øyungen. Currently there are stones laid out to separate parking from other areas within the space. This principle can be retained. In addition, native birch (turf with birch saplings) will be moved into the square. This along with the stones will provide a natural distinction between spaces.


Concept Development



The Frame

Construction Process

The Arches

The Bench

The Fireplace