NTNU campus studio book

Freelance work for NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art - Department of Urban Design and Planning


By Prof. Kerstin Höger

The city and urban landscape are the artefact and medium of the studio. Based on the genius loci and context of a site, we develop concepts and programs, and creatively integrate the changing societal tendencies into robust urban design and architectural proposals. 

The leitmotif of the studio is to design the urban space as liveable, beautiful and open. In an interdisciplinary dialogue with urban actors, experts and artists, we reconcile the evolutionary forces of urban transformation with formal architecture and planning in the form of an open urban design. During the design process, the student proposals mature, insights become manifest and real projects emerge. In this manner, high-quality spaces can be created that are specific and responsive to their context, thus contributing to a dynamic balance of our urban environment. 

The studio topics are based on contemporary urban themes and phenomena. Sustainable development, densification and conversion of urban spaces, revitalization of former industrial and harbour areas, gentle transformation of our cultural landscape, mobility and climate change are urgent challenges we will focus on. 

About This book

This book is a collection of the studio projects from the 2016 spring semester course. The book is made for and by the students, we hope you find it to be a valuable source of inspiration and reflection.